Aims Inverter Review | Technologically Advanced, Diverse, and Compact

Intermittent power interruptions have led to inverters becoming a staple in homes and businesses worldwide. Aims inverters offer you a DC power to AC power transformation helpful in running various appliances such as medical equipment, computers, etc.

When choosing an inverter, it’s essential to understand that Aims offers the market the most technologically advanced, diverse, and compact inverters. For over a decade, Aims has provided a broad range of inverter sizes that accommodate almost all power requirements. 

This Aims inverter review will give you an overview of the top inverter brand and whether it’s worth the investment. 

Aims Inverter Review; A Brief Overview of Aims Inverters

The best power inverters offer high wattage, multiple outlets, and resistance to high temperatures and short circuits to keep devices safe. In addition, an excellent inverter takes DC power and converts it to power suitable for AC electronics. 

Also, better quality inverters possess a pure sine wave that gives an inverter the power to operate more sensitive devices. While the modified sine wave works well, the best Aims power inverters are pure sine wave inverters

Aims Power inverter

A Comprehensive Review

Let’s look into some aspects of the inverter below:

3000 Watt 120Vac Pure Sine Inverter Charger with 120Vac 30A or 240Vac 50A Bypass

This pure sine inverter charger surpasses ETL requirements. The inverter combines an inverter, AC auto-transfer switch, and battery charger to make a complete system, plus a 92% peak DC and AC conversion efficiency. 

This inverter bypasses 50 amps, 120V, or 240V. The inverter is a splendid purchase for outdoor activities, boats, campers, food trucks, semi-trucks, and RVs. It has unique features and is one of the market’s most advanced chargers.

In addition, the 3000W inverter has a pure sine wave output, sophisticated multi-stage charging, power factor correction, and a high surge capability. These features mean that the inverter can meet demanding power needs bordering on inductive loads without posing a risk to your equipment. 

Its powerful battery charger can handle 12 volts at 100 amps. It consumes 20%-30% less energy with the power factor corrected from an AC input compared to a standard charger. These aspects of the inverter help it avoid generator overload and annoying breaker trips. 

Inverter in use

In response to the need for a more advanced battery, this inverter has a Battery Temperature Sensing feature for increased charging precision. It has a 300% more continuous output overload capacity of up to 20 seconds, reliably supporting equipment and power tools for longer. 

Its auto generator start functionality and AC battery priority switch make the inverter ideal for work in either renewable energy applications or backup power. This phase-corrected and digitally outputted inverter offers a clean and reliable output devoid of distortion and noise.

This power inverter manufacturer has continuously improved the inverter transformers to achieve the best balance in minimum THD, idle consumption, and conversion efficiency. This inverter has an ultra-low idle consumption at 1.5% of its rated power. Customizing the inverter via the DIP switch to battery priority mode energizes the relay and automatically transfers the load to the AC utility. 

This unit is among the best in its class. It creates an environmentally friendly Aims power system suitable for any appliance. Furthermore, its charger makes it perfect for industrial use, savvy customers, and charging tools on the go


Model NumberPICOGLF3K12050BY
Item Dimensions (L*W*H)16.25 x 11 x 7 inches
Inverter Weight59 Pounds
Input Voltage120 Volts
Inverter Weight59 Pounds

inverter by AIMS



  • It’s a powerful 3000w low-frequency Aims power inverter with an auto transfer switch and a powerful battery charger with seven different battery technologies.
  • Protects against short circuits, low voltage, high voltage, over-temp, and overloads. 
  • Unique features include an optimal remote, battery temp sensor, charge current control dial, conformal coating, power saver mode, standby mode, battery bank, etc. 
  • This Aims power inverter is ideal for large applications such as home use, RVs, work trucks, solar, and boats.
  • High price range, but is worth the investment.

Is Aims a Good Brand?

You may be wondering why Aims power inverters are off the grid. 

Well, Aims offers inverters ideal for sensitive electronics like medical equipment and microwaves courtesy of its smooth and seamless power. Moreover, Aims power inverters are an excellent option for electronics running on alternating currents. 

What’s more?

Aims inverters run equipment and tools, helping them last longer. Plus, Aims carries a wide selection of inverters and accessories, making it easy to find a suitable inverter within your budget and for your application. 

So, is Aims a good brand? Yes! Aims is an excellent brand.

closeup of AIMS inverter

What is the Best Size Inverter for Your Home?

Ideally, the best inverters for your home are between 756-1000, watts. Also, the inverter size depends on the amps or watts of appliances like an air compressor you wish to run with the inverter. I recommend purchasing a larger model than you need (at least 10-20%) more than your most considerable load).

Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing an Aims Inverter

Here’s what to remember before purchasing your Aims power inverter:

power inverter by AIMS

Power Needs

List down the appliances you want to operate with the inverter. Calculate the total wattage.

Confirm the Inverter’s VA Rating

Next, you must get an inverter with the right (VA) Volt Ampere rating. VA signifies the current and battery voltage supplied by the inverter to the appliances.

For instance, if your total shore power needs are 170 watts and the average power factor in inverters is 0.7.



Thus, you require an inverter of approximately 250VA.

Select an Appropriate Battery for the Inverter

The correct battery is your inverter’s backbone. It improves the inverter’s life and performance. 

The Number of Outlets

Most inverters possess two standard AC outlets that plug in different electronics. Consequently, some models offer more AC outlets and USB ports.


Look for an inverter with features such as an aluminum casing and other attributes preventing overloading or overvoltage. Durable parts ensure that the inverter stands up to various elements.

inverter by Aims

Lastly, here are some of the best power inverters on the market now, based on user reviews at popular shopping sites and personal experience. Make sure to read on afterward to find out more about power inverters, what makes them different and how to pick the right one for you.

Other Popular Power Inverters

JUPITER 5000 Watt Inverter

As seen in our Jupiter 5000W Inverter Review, 5000 Watt peak-modified sine wave power inverter can generate a voltage of 5kW per hour to power the equipment. The energy is adequate to run several high-end home appliances. This 5000 Watt Inverter is ideal for high surge capacity loads because the power inverter lets you manage up to 5000 watts of power while only requiring a small input voltage.

CHAMPION Power Inverters

Although Champion launched its generator line in 2003, it quickly rose to the upper echelons of the industry thanks to its innovations in dual-fuel technology and relatively low prices. Champion inverter generators are among the most affordable on the market. The company’s dual-fuel generators can run on either propane or gasoline.

CEN-TECH Power Inverters

A 2000-watt/4000-watt peak power inverter from CEN-TECH is a high-potential tech innovation that helps in off-grid living. Two critical ratings are vital in what a 2000-watt/4000-watt peak CEN-TECH power inverter can run – the starting watts & running watts. It comes bare without any extra components. It should come at an additional cost if you want a wiring kit as an additional component.

GROWATT Power Inverters

Growatt is a Chinese inverter manufacturing company that has been providing some of the most technologically glorious inverters for solar lovers since 2010. Growatt power inverters have achieved an efficiency rate as high as 98% with some of their models, which is applaudable. If you are planning to go solar, then for the inverter, you should one hundred percent give Growatt a fighting chance to prove itself worthy of serving your power demands.

POWER JACK Power Inverters

Power Jack perfectly suits residential applications, schools, cottages, and the area where the electricity is not stable or applications that need uninterruptible power. Power Jack’s top-selling inverter is an inverter/charger with power from 1KVA to 5KVA. As seen in our Power jack Inverter review, it combines MPPT solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, and AC/DC charger in one unit. The inverter and AC/DC charger can work simultaneously.


Is Aims a Good Inverter?

Yes. Aims low frequency/pure sine inverters are worth the investment. The company offers technologically advanced inverters that accommodate most shore power needs. Other inverter brands may disappoint you, but with an Aims power inverter, you’re less likely to complain of a second defective unit.

How Do You Wire an Aim Inverter?

Before connecting the battery cables, ensure you switch off power. Then, connect the red (+) battery power cable to the red (+) inverter terminal. Connect the black (-) battery power cable to the black (-) inverter terminal. Connect the red (+) battery cable to the red (+) battery terminal. 

Can an Inverter Be Too Big?

Yes. An inverter can be too big for use with equipment. Using an inverter too big isn’t advisable. An inverter works at optimal efficiency when operating close to its maximum capacity. 

Do I Need a Modified Sine Wave or Pure Sine Wave Inverter? 

Pure Sine Wave inverters possess advantages over Modified Sine Wave Inverters. One of the advantages is that a pure sine wave inverter minimizes audible and electrical noises in fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, etc. 

What Is a Xantrex Inverter?

A Xantrex inverter/charger combines an inverter, charger, and an automatic transfer switch to make one complete system. When there are AC cables to connect to shore power, the inverter/charger recharges the house batteries.

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