CEN TECH Power Inverter Review | Ideal for Off-Grid Power Sources

The next time you go for an inverter, a CEN-TECH 2000 Watt with a Continuous 4000 Watt Peak Power is worth looking at. With a 2000-watt/4000-watt peak, CEN-TECH converts twelve-volt DC to 115-volt AC, making it usable for several household appliances.

A CEN-TECH is ideal for tailgating, camping, and any off-grid living requiring AC power, like an RV. In this CEN-TECH power inverter review, you’ll see what a 2k can run, determine whether CEN-TECH inverters are good, their life span, what may damage them, and much more. Have a look.

CEN-TECH Power Inverter Review: Product Description

A 2000-watt/4000-watt peak CEN-TECH is a high-potential tech innovation by CEN-TECH to help in off-grid living. The 2000w means wide usage, as you’ll see in a few.

I liked that the 2kW/4K-watt peak CEN-TECH power source is batteries. So with a 200 amp-hour battery, the CEN-TECH power inverter could run at full power. However, if you’re using maritime batteries, they must be DEEP-cycle naval batteries. If you purchase a battery that has cold cranking amps ratings, it’s not a deep cycle.

power inverter by CEN TECH

The inverter has four AC/DC & DC/AC and AC/DC & DC/AC power outlets. The outlets draw between 0.02 amps to around two amps. That depends on the design and unit of the standby systems.

It comes bare without any extra components. It should come at an additional cost if you want a wiring kit as an additional component.

Say you want to use it running a Sump Pump plugged into the inverter for ac power. In that case, the generator works well. You can use it in your semi truck to pump out a utility hole before working in it.

Unique Specs

ConditionUndamaged, High quality, unused, brand-new item with original packaging
TypeModified Sine Wave
OutletsAC/DC & DC/AC and AC/DC & DC/AC
RMS Power2000W
Input voltage12 Volts
Output Voltage115 Volts

CEN TECH inverter



  • It can power a variety of equipment
  • It’s ideal for off-grid power sources
  • It uses batteries, even deep-cycle maritime batteries
  • It can run a sump pump
  • It is light
  • The power inverter doesn’t come with wires for the outlet. But they are easy to get
  • It doesn’t connect to solar panels as an energy source.

Are CEN-TECH Power Inverters Good?

Yes, CEN-TECH power inverters are suitable when you use them strictly with the specified items. Some items, like a 110-volt-125 amp MIG welder, won’t work on it. If you want it for welding, consider larger capacity power inverters ranging between 5000-10000W.

So did it come with a cable to connect to the batteries? No, it doesn’t. But you buy your wiring kit. If you want it to be hooked up professionally, the wiring kit and labor will cost you an additional 180-200 dollars.

Moreover, you must purchase your cable to connect it to the car battery.

I didn’t like that there was no cable helpful in connecting the power inverter to draw power from a solar panel. You may have to consider another option if your power source is a solar panel.

Now, if you want to convert 220 volts to 110 volts or back, what you’re looking for is not an inverter. A voltage converter will be handy. That’s because this item is a DC/AC.

CEN-TECH inverter

2000 Watt/4000 Watt Peak CEN-TECH Product Features

The inverter has low- and high-voltage protection. If the voltage is below 12, the generator won’t run, and it won’t give more than 115 V ac.

It has high current protection. If your gadget requires more current than the power inverter can handle, it won’t run and you may want to look for a 3000W inverter instead.

It’s a Modified Sine Wave. If you buy any other model, you can’t tell if it’s a modified or pure sine wave inverter by looking at the model number. But CEN-TECH and harbor freight purchase always indicate if it’s modified or pure.

It doesn’t have auto/off; hence you won’t have interruption when it starts running. It should work with an RV even in the location of your battery and RV current converter.

It’s light for carrying around, and you won’t need a hand when taking the power inverter to the vehicle.

inverter and battery in the car

What Can a CEN-TECH Power Inverter Run?

A CEN-TECH 2k/4k watt peak power inverter can run different power tools, provided they are at most 1900 watts. Two critical ratings are vital in what a 2000-watt/4000-watt peak CEN-TECH Can run. The starting watts & Running watts.

Starting watts is the brief surge power required by certain appliances like a microwave oven, which is usually double its running capacity. So that power should go at most 4k watts because the CEN-TECH 2k watt has the limit of starting wattage at 4000 watts.

The running watts are what the device you’re powering requires to run to the end. So you can start and run as many appliances as you want. But their running power should be below 1900 watts and 4000 watts for the surge power.

So you can run several devices simultaneously, and at times, you’ll be able to run only one gadget. Here’s a list of what you can run with this 2000W inverter.

So what can you run with a 2000-watt/4000-watt peak CEN-TECH?

  • A 1/4 inch drill, 250 Watts
  • A credit card gadget, 100 Watts
  • Crawler plus lights, 500 Watts
  • Halogen lamp, 500-700 Watts
  • Engine Heater, 750 Watts
  • Bucket heater, 1500 Watts
  • Toaster/coffee maker, 900 watts
  • Small microwave oven, 750 Watts
  • Smartphone/laptop/tablet 5-199 Watts
  • A boom box

This inverter will be handy if you want to use it off-grid, like in a hunting cabin for a fridge during the winter or an ac unit for summer. But remember the drill; the fridge and the ac wattage must remain below the maximum unit.

inverter and appliances

What Causes a Power Inverter to Stop Working?

A quality power inverter stops working or malfunctions due to improper installation and failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation of selecting proper gauge cables and in-line fuses. So the appropriate gauge cable for the CEN-TECH 2000W is a 1/0AWG. The proper in-line fuse for a 2000k/4000k watt peak power inverter CEN-TECH we reviewed is a 250A Fuse. Other reasons why a power inverter malfunctions include the following.

  • Wear of the capacitor
  • Over usage
  • Over & Under voltage
  • Ultrasonic vibrations

What Is the Average Lifespan of an Inverter?

The Average lifespan of a power inverter is 10-15 years. However, solar panel inverters can go up to 20 years, depending on the brand, model, and type you go for. Harbor freight and CEN-TECH power generators also have a high lifespan.

Of course, the best power inverter for your needs depends on the devices you operate and your personal preference. Here are some of the best power inverters on the market now, so make sure to read about what makes them different and how to pick the right model and brand for you.

Other Best Power Inverter Models and Brands

JUPITER 5000 Watt Inverter

A 5000 Watt peak-modified sine wave power inverter can generate a voltage of 5kW per hour to power the equipment. The energy is adequate to run several high-end home appliances. As seen in our Jupiter 5000W Review, this model is ideal for high surge capacity loads because the power inverter lets you manage up to 5000 watts of power while only requiring a small input voltage.

GROWATT Power Inverters

Growatt is a Chinese inverter manufacturing company that has been providing some of the most technologically glorious inverters for solar lovers since 2010. As seen in our Growatt Inverter Review, their models have achieved an efficiency rate as high as 98% which is applaudable. If you are planning to go solar, then for the inverter, you should one hundred percent give Growatt a fighting chance to prove itself worthy of serving your power demands.

CHAMPION Power Inverters

Although Champion launched its generator line in 2003, it quickly rose to the upper echelons of the industry thanks to its innovations in dual-fuel technology and relatively low prices. Champion power inverters are among the most affordable inverters on the market. The company’s dual-fuel generators can run on either propane or gasoline.

AIMS Power Inverters

When choosing an inverter, it’s essential to understand that Aims offers the market the most technologically advanced, diverse, and compact inverters. For over a decade, Aims has provided a broad range of inverter sizes that accommodate almost all power requirements. Power inverters from AIMS are ideal for sensitive electronics like medical equipment and microwaves courtesy of their smooth and seamless power. Moreover, Aims power inverters are an excellent option for electronics running on alternating currents.

POWER JACK Power Inverters

Power Jack perfectly suits residential applications, schools, cottages, and the area where the electricity is not stable or applications that need uninterruptible power. As seen in our Power Jack Inverter Review, their top-selling inverter is an inverter/charger with power from 1KVA to 5KVA, which combines MPPT solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, and AC/DC charger in one unit. The inverter and AC/DC charger can work simultaneously.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Wire Do I Need to Run a 400 Watt Generator?

The size wire you need to run your 400 watt/800 watt peak power inverter is gauge 4. The wire should be 8 feet long if you need the generator to connect at a distance of fewer than 3 feet. If it’s more than three feet and less than six, six feet is okay.

What Size Inverter Is Best?

The best size inverter is the one that meets your needs. So add up the watts of electronics you want it to run, then remove 20%. You’ll remove the twenty percent to keep it from overloading and increase its longevity.

What Is the Lifespan of a CEN-TECH?

The CEN-TECH 2k/4k-watt peak power inverter will last between 10 and 15 years, and the batteries will reach six years. By the time the generator is done, you’ll have changed your batteries at least twice.

Can an Inverter Ruin a Battery?

Yes, inverters can ruin your batteries. If you overcharge the inverter, it will reduce its lifespan significantly. Doing that continuously increases the damage to the point where the batteries get entirely ruined. 

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