Champion Inverter Reviews | Dependable and Durable Power Solution

Champion generator inverters provide dependable and durable home, work, or play power solutions. These inverters are the standard of performance excellence and make your life easier. 

Since 2003, Champion Power Equipment has kept its reputation for designing and producing the finest inverter generators. The company has facilities in Toronto, Canada; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Jackson, Tennessee. 

Unlike other companies, Champion stays ahead in product innovation, moving from dual-fuel technology to remote start functions. The company’s engineers like to pride themselves on providing tomorrow’s technology today. Simply put, innovation is at the core of what the company does. 

In the Champion inverter reviews below, I have discussed all you need to know about Champion inverters. 

Read on for more information. 

Champion Inverter Reviews: An Overview of Champion Inverters

From 1,200 to 12,000 watts, Champion provides the perfect portable power inverter that fits your needs. You can count on a Champion generator to power your power tools for your home, projects, an RV or a camper van, and more. 

The company offers traditional and open-frame inverters with Dual Fuel and CO Shield – Carbon Monoxide Auto-Shutoff Technology. The CO Shield monitors carbon monoxide accumulation. When the inverter detects dangerous levels of the gas, the inverter shuts down. 

Champion inverter in use

The current market saturation makes it difficult to decide on the perfect inverter.  I noticed that focusing on a reputable inverter brand like Champion simplifies the search because it’s worth the investment.  

Champion Power Equipment 100520 8750-Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter

This Champion 8750-watt digital hybrid inverter is an advanced power solution that features a push-button electric start with an added battery. The inverter is the best and boasts clean power, economy mode and quiet technology. 

Moreover, I found that the never-flat tires and foldaway handle make transporting and storing the inverter easier. Also, it has an electric start with an on/off button. Its Cold Start Technology ensures a quick start during the cold weather. 

inverter on the snow

The covered outlets in this inverter include a 12V DC automotive-style outlet with a dual USB adapter and battery-charging cables, four 120V 20A GFCI-protected household outlets (5-20R), and a 120/240V 30A locking outlet (L14-30R)


Brand Champion Power Equipment
Wattage8,750 Watts
Fuel TypeGasoline
Power SourceGas
Output Wattage7000 Watts
IncludedBattery Charging Cable/USB Adapter/Flexible Oil Funnel


Champion inverter controls closeup



  • The inverter produces more clean power. I can assure you that it’s less likely to damage components such as microprocessors in appliances such as the ac unit.
  • It’s safer for appliances such as computers and laptops that can become faulty because of energy surges.
  • Besides the inverter being lightweight, it produces much less noise than conventional generators. It has additions like an oil drain tube, low oil shut-off, and voltage and frequency meters. 
  • Another point I liked about the inverter is its improved safety aspects, such as the CO shield that decreases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • This inverter, plus its parallel kit, has a higher price than conventional portable generators. It has a hefty upfront cost, but the inverters offer plenty of benefits.
  • I found that the inverter power generator has a lower power output than conventional generators.

Where are Champion Inverters Made?

The Champion product development facility designs and produces the inverters at the company’s production plants. Champion’s headquarters are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When it comes to inverters, several reputable companies are producing them. There are plenty of models, types, and makes to choose from.

That said, Champion generator inverters are worth the investment.

Are Champion Inverter Generators Any Good?

I researched and tested multiple inverter generator brands, and only Champion inverters met all the criteria—it surpassed my expectations.

Here’s how I discovered that Champion inverters are an excellent choice:

Best Value

These inverters are not only worth the investment but—even more important — they’re reliable and of excellent quality. These clean power, quiet technology, and economy mode inverters offer an advanced power solution.

Safe for You and Your Appliances

The dangers of inverters include carbon monoxide poisoning. Inverters from Champion have CO shield monitors. In addition, inverters endanger sensitive electronics, such as TVs, tablets, computers, and smartphones. 

Fortunately, Champion inverters deliver smooth and safe emergency power, letting you and your family charge your gadgets without worries.


Nobody likes the roar of a loud inverter. 

I like that Champion inverters purr at acceptable levels and are among the quietest inverters in the market, and both your family and neighbors will thank you for the choice made.

a person using inverter in the backyard


Champion inverters offer convenience because their technology allows you to power up appliances easily, including through remote start. Their powering-up process takes just a few seconds with no trouble at all. Plus, they’re a great option in areas that lose power frequently or are prone to power outages.


Champion inverters have a place in Californian homes thanks to their efficiency. Moreover, these inverters allow you to monitor their status and activity through a control panel.


In so many unpredictable circumstances, homes need the most reliable inverters in the market. And that’s Champion’s specialty. The reliable generator options offer the following:

  • Self-monitoring inverters
  • 100% weather-proof
  • Longest warranties in the inverter industry
  • Backup solution during a power outage

What Is the Highest Rated Inverter?

The Champion power equipment open frame inverter generator is the highest-rated Champion inverter generator. It’s 25% lighter and 30% quieter compared to other inverters of this caliber. Furthermore, it has a cold-start technology which gives it a quick start during harsh weather conditions. This feature makes it a cost-effective power solution.

The inverter has a 420cc engine that produces 8750 starting watts. This powerful inverter runs at a 25% load for an impressive 10.5 hours. It produces clean power and has multiple outlets, including battery charging cables, a dual USB adapter, and a DC automotive-style outlet. 

Its fold-away handle and convenient wheels make it easy to transport and store. “Best value for the money by far,” raved one of the many satisfied buyers. 

Can You Run Champion Inverter Generators in Extreme Cold Weather?

Yes. Thanks to the Champion inverters Cold Start Technology, you can run your inverter during extremely cold weather.

The beautiful white glow of the snow is enchanting until it snows for days on end, cutting out the power lines. You realize that the extreme temperature drop has brought your revving machine to a standstill. 

Inverters face challenges starting when temperatures drop because the engine and other components don’t function properly when too cold. 

The Cold Start Technology helps the inverter power up when temperatures turn cold. 

Different ways to avoid a dead inverter in cold weather include:

  • Properly taking care of the inverter by reading and understanding the user manual
  • Changing the oil viscosity
  • Adjusting the choke

a pouring gasoline into the inverter

Of course, the best power inverter for your needs depends on the devices you operate and your personal preference. Here are some of the best power inverters on the market now, based on user reviews at popular shopping sites and personal experience. Make sure to read on afterward to find out more about power inverters, what makes them different and how to pick the right one for you.

Power Inverter Models and Brands We Recommend

JUPITER 5000 Watt Inverter

A 5000 Watt peak-modified sine wave power inverter can generate a voltage of 5kW per hour to power the equipment. The energy is adequate to run several high-end home appliances. 5000 Watt inverter by Jupiter is ideal for high surge capacity loads because the power inverter lets you manage up to 5000 watts of power while only requiring a small input voltage.

GROWATT Power Inverters

Growatt is a Chinese inverter manufacturing company that has been providing some of the most technologically glorious inverters for solar lovers since 2010. Growatt inverters have achieved an efficiency rate as high as 98% with some of their models, which is applaudable. If you are planning to go solar, then for the inverter, you should one hundred percent give Growatt a fighting chance to prove itself worthy of serving your power demands.

CEN-TECH Power Inverters

A 2000-watt/4000-watt peak CEN-TECH is a high-potential tech innovation by CEN-TECH to help in off-grid living. Two critical ratings are vital in what a 2000-watt/4000-watt peak CEN-TECH inverter can run. The starting watts & running watts. It comes bare without any extra components. It should come at an additional cost if you want a wiring kit as an additional component.

AIMS Power Inverters

When choosing an inverter, it’s essential to understand that Aims offers the market the most technologically advanced, diverse, and compact inverters. For over a decade, Aims has provided a broad range of inverter sizes that accommodate almost all power requirements. Aims power inverters are ideal for sensitive electronics like medical equipment and microwaves courtesy of their smooth and seamless power. Moreover, Aims power inverters are an excellent option for electronics running on alternating currents.

POWER JACK Power Inverters

Power Jack perfectly suits residential applications, schools, cottages, and the area where the electricity is not stable or applications that need uninterruptible power. One of Power Jack’s best inverters is an inverter/charger with power from 1KVA to 5KVA, which combines MPPT solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, and AC/DC charger in one unit. The inverter and AC/DC charger can work simultaneously.


What Is the Life Expectancy of an Inverter Generator?

Inverters last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours. To ensure that your inverter lasts long, you must buy from a reputable company like Champion. A reputation for durability and quality build means a longer lifetime. 

Which Generator Is Better, Champion or Generac?

Champion manufactures dual-fuel engines for its high-powered models, which gives it a significant edge. The champion generator has higher power outputs compared to its Generac counterparts. 

Who Makes Champion Inverter Generators?

Champion inverter generators are one of the most popular brands made by Champion Power Equipment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you’re looking for an inverter, look no further than Champion inverters. 

Which Generator Is Better, Predator or Champion? 

These two generators have different power outputs. The Champion model is a better option and produces more power. The Predator option is less powerful. 

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