Growatt Inverter Review | Excellent Efficiency And Performance!

My solar inverter is the heart of my solar system, considering it’s where DC electricity turns to AC. Accordingly, it’s of great importance to select the best quality model.

Growatt inverters, a brainchild of the China-based Growatt New Energy Technology, is among the most reliable solar companies based on my experience and comprehensive tests.

This Growatt inverter review will take you through the crucial aspects of this global brand (see also Jupiter inverters), including its outstanding features and the most notable models. You’ll also learn the most important considerations when looking for the best solar inverter.

Growatt Inverter Review: A Brief Overview of Solar Inverters

Growatt inverter on the wall

At its core, a solar inverter turns sunlight trapped in the solar panel into the electricity that powers our homes.

It transforms the DC output (or variable direct current) produced by solar panels into 120V/240V AC (or alternating current) output. All our home appliances use alternating current, not direct current. 

Currently, the market is flooded with many options, making it hard to choose the perfect product. Focusing on a reputable brand like Growatt can simplify the search for you, as you will discover in the next sections. 

Is Growatt a Good Brand?

You might wonder why I’m placing Growatt above the numerous notable power inverters for solar systems.

First, the inverter manufacturer is a smart energy solution enterprise. Their dedication to the craft is evident in their firm quality control system, maximum power point tracking, and colossal investments in research and development. 

Moreover, the company’s over 400 engineers are dedicated to perfection and have managed to deliver up to 98% efficiency. Finally, the products are among the most affordable in the solar industry.

So, YES! Growatt is an excellent brand.

Growatt logo and products

Where Is the Growatt Inverter Manufactured?

Like almost every solar system component I’ve used, from PV modules to solar inverters, to batteries, Growatt solar inverters are made in China, a country with immense skilled labor. That’s why it’s relatively affordable. I’m sure you can’t resist a top-notch solar inverter at a competitive price.

The company also has offices across the globe, including in Germany, the USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

Growatt Inverter Efficiency and Performance

The company has been in business since 2010, but it’s established its presence. Its success can be attributed to what most customers call “technological miracles” like the highly efficient TL-HX, Max, and many more series of inverters.

Some of their inverter models have impressive overall performance and efficiency rates of up to 98%, which is laudable. The company has sold more than 1.7 million inverters across more than a hundred nations worldwide.

Growatt Inverter Solar System Monitoring 

Growatt does well in terms of system monitoring. I can quickly turn on remote monitoring to receive real-time updates and insights like export, self-consumption, and power input through the dedicated mobile app or website. The Wi-Fi dongle’s reach is slightly beyond 50 meters.

After linking your dongle to Wi-Fi, I installed the ShinePhone iOS app (there’s an Android version, too), filled out a few details, and scanned the barcode on the dongle. Moreover, the inverter itself has a screen for physical monitoring. 

Growatt inverter in use

Growatt Inverters – Differences Between Models

The Growatt inverter assortment comprises varying models and configurations for typical voltage ranges, such as:

Growatt 750-3000-S

This single-phase inverter series is suitable for smaller solar panels that work with single-phase supplies and have an output of 750W – 3,000W, these highly efficient inverters come with an optional DC switch and compact housing unit. The single-phase inverters include:

  • 750-S: 750W power output and 97.2% maximum efficiency
  • 1000-S: 1kW power output and 97.4% maximum efficiency
  • 1500-S: 1.6kW power output and 97.4% maximum efficiency
  • 2000-S: 2kW power output and 97.4% maximum efficiency
  • 2500-S: 2.5kW power output and 97.6% maximum efficiency
  • 3000-S: 3kW power output and 97.6% maximum efficiency

Growatt 2500-5500MTL-S

Like the previous range, this is a single-phase inverter range. The products are ideal for homes with a solar panel installed on both sides of the roof and a single-phase power supply. It includes:

two SPF 5000ES inverters

  • 2500MTL-S: 2.5kW power output and 97.6% maximum efficiency
  • 3000MTL-S: 3kW power output and 97.6% maximum efficiency
  • 3600MTL-S: 3.6kW power output and 97.9% maximum efficiency
  • 4200MTL-S: 4.2kW power output and 97.9% maximum efficiency
  • 5000MTL-S: 4.6kW power output and 97.9% maximum efficiency
  • 5500MTL-S: 5kW power output and 97.9% maximum efficiency

MIN 2500-6000TL-XH

This smart inverter range is known for high-efficiency ratings and a touch screen for complete control. The models are always ready to pair with energy storage systems and include the following:

  • MIN TL-XH: 2.5kW – 6kW power output and 98.2% – 98.4% maximum efficiency
  • MIN TL-X: 2.5kW – 6kW power output and 98.2% – 98.4% maximum efficiency
  • MIN TL-XE: 2.5kW – 6kW power output and 98.2% – 98.4% maximum efficiency

GROWATT 3000-6000TL3-S

This category of Growatt solar inverters is ideal for small commercial and residential buildings with three-phase power connections. The models include:

  • 3000TL3-S: 3kW power output and 97.5% maximum efficiency
  • 4000TL3-S: 4kW power output and 97.8% maximum efficiency
  • 5000TL3-S: 5kW power output and 98% maximum efficiency
  • 6000TL3-S: 6kW power output and 98% maximum efficiency

GROWATT 7000-11000TL3-S

Growatt’s solar inverters in the 7000-11000TL3-S range can handle more power than their 3000-6000 TL 3-S counterparts. They include: 

  • 7000TL3-S: 7kW power output and 98.3% maximum efficiency
  • 8000TL3-S: 8kW power output and 98.3% maximum efficiency
  • 9000TL3-S: 9kW power output and 98.4% maximum efficiency
  • 10000TL3-S: 10kW power output and 98.4% maximum efficiency
  • 11000TL3-S: 11kW power output and 98.4% maximum efficiency

Growatt inverter

Point of Difference

Growatt manufactures diverse single and three-phase inverters that use maximum power point monitoring (MMPT). These devices are CEC-approved, hence rank high in terms of reliability. They also don’t have a transformer, which makes them one of the most efficient in the market.

Technical points and numbers aside, the inverter manufacturer has addressed every detail regarding the Growatt solar inverter design. The machines aren’t just sleek, but are also equipped with touch OLED displays. It’s so easy; even my grandma can operate it. Lastly, you get value because the machines are pretty affordable.

Growatt Inverter Warranty Period

Growatt offers a five-year warranty period that’s extendable up to a decade. But eligibility for this extension varies across models and markets.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Solar Inverter

Knowing the elements to consider can simplify your search for the right product. Here are the key factors to have in mind as you shop around:

Solar Inverter Efficiency

It is the ratio of Growatt solar inverter’s output to input power under specific conditions. Currently, the nominal efficiency ranges between 80% – 95%. But Growatt inverter models can surpass these limits.  


You need a power inverter that fits your budget. So when looking for the best solar inverters, consider an affordable product that offers value for your money.

SPH hybrid inverter and GBLI6531 batteries by Growatt

Rated Output Frequency

Extreme output frequency can cause power tools with motors (like refrigerators and washing machines) to heat up and reduce efficiency. So look for a stable output frequency value of about 50Hz (with less than 1% deviation).


Under normal circumstances, a solar inverter should not exceed 80dB of noise, while a small-scale model shouldn’t exceed 65Db.

Protection Measures

The best inverters offer complete protective measures to handle abnormal situations like:

  • Input over-voltage and under-voltage
  • Over-current
  • Output short-circuit
  • Input converse-connection
  • High ambient temperatures
  • Lightning

Growatt Inverters: The Good and Bad at a Glance

These devices have several pros and cons. 


Setbacks but Not Deal Breakers

  • User friendly 
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to assemble
  • OHSAS18001, ISO9001, and ISO14001-certified
  • Highly efficient
  • One or two MPPTs
  • Clean Energy Council-approved
  • Relatively less noisy
  • Impressive European efficiency rates
  • Has both string inverters and hybrid inverters
  • Being manufactured in China isn’t necessarily a valid setback, but Chinese brands face discrimination based on this. It isn’t logical, but it harms the brand’s reputation. 
  • Growatt is a relatively new company and has yet to gain much popularity as its rivals. But the manufacturer makes up for it with impeccable research and development. 

Of course, as often repeated, the best power inverter for your needs depends on the devices you operate and your personal preference. For that matter, we share snippets of our reviews of other top power inverter models and brands.

Power Inverter Models We Recommend

JUPITER 5000 Watt Inverter

A 5000 Watt power inverter can generate a voltage of 5kW per hour to power the equipment. The energy is adequate to run several high-end home appliances. Jupiter 5000 Watt Inverter is ideal for high surge capacity loads because the power inverter lets you manage up to 5000 watts of power while only requiring a small input voltage.

CHAMPION Power Inverters

Although Champion launched its generator line in 2003, it quickly rose to the upper echelons of the industry thanks to its innovations in dual-fuel technology and relatively low prices. Champion inverters are among the most affordable on the market. The company’s dual-fuel generators can run on either propane or gasoline.

CEN-TECH Power Inverters

A 2000-watt/4000-watt peak CEN-TECH is a high-potential tech innovation by CEN-TECH to help in off-grid living. Two critical ratings are vital in what a 2000-watt/4000-watt peak CEN-TECH power inverter can run. The starting watts & running watts. It comes bare without any extra components. It should come at an additional cost if you want a wiring kit as an additional component.

AIMS Power Inverters

When choosing an inverter, it’s essential to understand that Aims offers the market the most technologically advanced, diverse, and compact inverters. For over a decade, Aims has provided a broad range of inverter sizes that accommodate almost all power requirements. Aims inverters are ideal for sensitive electronics like medical equipment and microwaves courtesy of their smooth and seamless power. Moreover, Aims power inverters are an excellent option for electronics running on alternating currents.

POWER JACK Power Inverters

Power Jack perfectly suits residential applications, schools, cottages, and the area where the electricity is not stable or applications that need uninterruptible power. Power Jack’s top-selling inverter is an inverter/charger with power from 1KVA to 5KVA, which combines MPPT solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, and AC/DC charger in one unit. The inverter and AC/DC charger can work simultaneously.


Is Growatt a Good Inverter?

Yes. Growatt is a good inverter thanks to its high efficiency, less noise, ease of installation, and impressive accreditations. 

Is Growatt Better Than Fronius inverters?

The two products are at par regarding monitoring systems, overall system performance, and service. But Fronius inverters have better warranties.

Is Growatt Inverter Noisy?

Interestingly, Growatt solar panels inverters are less noisy than rival solar companies. Each series has the right inverter for silent environments. 

Where is Growatt Inverter Manufactured?

These inverters are manufactured in China by Growatt New Energy Technology. That’s why they’re of excellent quality yet fairly cheap.

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