Max Amp Size for A Traveller 500w Power Inverter

What Is the Max Amp Size I Can Use on A Traveller 500w Power Inverter?

A power inverter is an essential item for anyone who travels frequently. It allows you to convert DC power from your vehicle into AC power, which can be used to power your laptop, phone, or other devices.

The Traveller 500W Power Inverter is a great option for anyone looking for a compact and lightweight inverter. It features two AC outlets and one USB port and can handle up to 500 watts of power.

But, what is the max amp of a Traveller 500w power inverter? The maximum amp size you can use is 46 amps. This is because the inverter can only handle a maximum of 10 amps AC amperage. If you try to use more than 10 amps, the inverter will overload and shut off.

However, it’s important to note that this rule is not set in stone. Some inverters may be able to handle more than 10 amps AC amperage, so it’s always best to check with the manufacturer before attempting to draw more than 46 amps from your inverter. Doing so could damage your inverter or cause a fire.

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